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MC Security is aware of the threats and risks faced by individuals and corporations in the current environment and is proud to offer an extensive range of tailored solutions and professional security services.

We realize no two customers are the same and work closely with our clients on an individual basis to recognize the unique aspects of their operation and tailor our services to confirm to those specific needs. MC Security delivers customized solutions for our clients and continuously explores new solutions that ultimately offer even better quality and security.

We will identity and assess risks to implement practical measures in order to abolish any possible threats to individuals or disruptions to a corporation’s operations. MC Security strives for our clients to be able to focus on their daily operations with negligible disturbance. The services we offer but are not limited to include:


Secure Chauffeuring


Security Drivers, Airport Pickup/ Drop-off, Luxury Vehicle Hire, Special Purpose Vehicle, Route Planning


A Chauffeur service that goes beyond a great driving experience, but one that is safe and secure. Our professional Chauffeur services were born out of our own needs for trusted Multilingual Chauffeurs in Hong Kong to support our Close Protection teams.

City Crowds

Investigations & Surveillance


Activity Profiling, Background Searches, Due Diligence


MC Security investigation operatives are seasoned in dealing with complex investigations and surveillance operations. All assignments are carried out with utmost confidentially by skilled operatives with proven expertise and we are committed to thoroughly exploring all leads that will aid your decision-making process.

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