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Activity Profiling, Background Searches, Surveillance, Due Diligence

MC Security investigation operatives are seasoned in dealing with complex investigations and surveillance operations. All assignments are carried out with utmost confidentially by skilled operatives with proven expertise and we are committed to thoroughly exploring all leads that will aid your decision-making process.  

We work closely with our clients on an individual basis to recognize the unique aspects of their operation and tailor our investigative plan to confirm to those specific needs. Our operatives conduct comprehensive investigations for a variety of clientele from individuals to corporations and are highly skilled to substantiate facts through surveillance, interviews and research ultimately reducing or abolishing risks and exposure.

Monitoring Room

MC Security’s operatives carefully comply with all laws to protect the admissibility of the information, while at the same time, aggressively pursuing the investigation goals. Upon the completion of our investigative work, all case-related information will be kept confidential. 

We have worked with a variety of clientele and carried out investigations ranging from:

  • Private Clients 

-Family & Matrimonial (Relationship Infidelities, Individual/Partner Activity Profiling, Surveillance & Tracking, Child Custody, Third Party Background Search) 

  • Corporations & Businesses 

-Company & Employee Due Diligence & Background Searches  

-Employee Negligence (Theft (Physical/Digital), Competitor Collusion, Drugs, Expense Accounts)

-Accident & Injury Claim (Insurance Fraud, Employee Compensation Fraud)   

-Intellectual Property Disputes

-Counterfeiting Activities 

-Vendor (Fraudulent Billing)

If you are interested in the above services, please submit your inquiry here and we will get back to you promptly.



Driving Service

Secure Chauffeuring


Security Drivers, Airport Pickup/Dropoff, Luxury Vehicle Hire, Special Purpose Vehicle, Route Planning


A Chauffeur service that goes beyond a great driving experience, but one that is safe and secure. Our professional Chauffeur services were born out of our own needs for trusted Multilingual Chauffeurs in Hong Kong to support our Close Protection teams. 


Event Security


Concert, Retail & Luxury Brands, Corporate, Media, Sporting, Conference, Exhibition, Security Consultancy, Equipment Supply  


Ensuring public and personal safety and security at events is crucial for organisers. MC Security can fulfil event requirements by bringing together practical advice, guidance and security management, with the necessary personnel to protect both assets and people. 


Close / Executive Protection 


High Net Worth Individuals, Celebrity, VIP, Corporations, Teams, Family, Overseas Travelling Escort, Security Courier


Our Close Protection service operates on a very discreet and professional level to provide our clients with the safety they require. Our team of specially trained close protection operatives render essential and flexible services, not only in Hong Kong but wherever the need arises. 


Security Guarding Services


Night Clubs, Bar, Restaurant, Commercial/Residential Security Teams, Recreation Clubs, Hotels, Offices, Retail Outlets, Schools, Financial Institutions, Airports, Law Firms, Transportation of Valuables


MC Security is proud to have skilled security personnel trained and managed beyond industry standards, servicing a variety of clientele throughout a number of different industries. 

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